Fani Barzou – Cravens

Her area of expertise is mainland Greece. She loves to uncover the beauties of the Peloponnese in the south, the Central Plains, Epirus and Halikidi. She loves coming up with itineraries and experiences that will show its particular beauty.


Logic will take you from A to B … Imagination will take you everywhere. *
*Albert Einstein

Fani is originally from Greece but has also lived in Spain and Ireland. She finds herself nowadays living between Greece, Ireland, and the USA. Despite her studies in Classical Music and Medical Laboratories her passion for travel won her over and completed with distinction her Travel and Leisure Consultant Diploma in Dublin, along with various certifications in Aviation and Tourism. She has worked over 10 years with well renowned airlines covering a range of roles from Travel Consultant to Airport Operations & Passenger Services, and from Customer Service – Reservation and Ticketing Manager to Senior Sales Executive.

Having travelled to 26 six countries so far in her lifetime, she yearns for out-of-the-box experiences that foster lifetime memories


With true love for travel Fani likes itineraries that inspire true essence of discovery with experiences designed to satisfy all senses and that will be unforgettable memories. Her favourite ones are long itineraries with multi-city destinations either within one country or even international cross-country travel design.


Fani loves to learn foreign languages – apart from Greek and English, she speaks fluent Spanish, and has studied French and Portuguese-and engage in new cultures. When she is not traveling, she loves to play the piano and listen to the music, take walk in the nature, and read a good book.


While Greece is famous for her charming islands, still is an all-in-all beautiful country, and you cannot go wrong with your choices!

Divided in nine large geographical regions six belong to the mainland where you will find the remains of numerous important ancient cities and archaeological sites, picturesque towns and charming villages. Forests, mountains, and off the beaten track hiking paths.

A few to name her would be at the north of the country the beaches of Halkidiki and the Unique Mountain. Athos, the buzzling city of Thessaloniki and the ancient cities of Vergina, Filippi home of Alexander the Great.

You will also find Mount Olympus home of the Olympian Gods, is the highest mountain in the country with 52 peaks and deep gorges.

Meteora in Thessaly region consists of unique wild rock formations estimated 6 million years old with monasteries built on the top are really one of the most spectacular scenery in Greece and is a UNESCO heritage site.

Close is the Pelion peninsula with numerous beaches and picturesque villages, you may go hiking in the beautiful nature and try the unique local cuisine. If you happen to be around in the winter, you will be pleasantly surprised as snow is quite common.

Greece’s capital Athens does not need a lot of introduction; Ancient sites, museums, a world class night life, and great shopping… the options are endless and is must stop on your itinerary.

A very popular attraction as a one-day trip is Delphi where you can discover the cult of Apollo and Pythia, the Oracle.

The Southern part of the mainland is called Pelloponese and it has it all. Plenty of beautiful beaches, archaeological sites, mountains and hiking trains, wineries, stone villages and dramatic landscapes.

Well known Mycenae and Epidaurus can easily be reached from Athens. Do not miss however the fascinating Byzantine site of Mystras and the castles of Methoni, Koroni and Monemvasia.

We recommend combining your itineraries to the Greek Islands with a few days discovering the mainland. You will be surprised from the diversity of the beautiful landscapes, the different character among the villages and towns, local culinary specialities, lifestyle and traditions.



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