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Welcome to our blog, made by world-traveling lovers! Here we share with you our best-kept secrets and tips about tourism in Greece to inspire an unforgettable vacation experience. Read news, stories, interviews, and insights from locals and learn everything you need to know about your favorite Greek destinations. Get ready for a blissful trip!

5 Santorini Experiences That You Should Not Miss

As your ferry enters the caldera of Santorini or your plane approaches the island, you will be in awe of the magnificence of the rocks and the powerful energy of the still active volcano. The white sugar-cube buildings that embellish the brim of the caldera slowly start to appear; a memory to cherish forever!
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Start, here, in the Cyclades

Named from the circle they form around the sacred island of Delos, the Cyclades are the “destination of a lifetime” When you think of the Greek islands, there are a few images that probably come immediately to your mind: the azure blue water of the Aegean Sea,
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